After Rain

This inspiration came by running last evening just after a heavy shower had passed. I’ve been waiting to finish work to write it down!

A pastel glow beneath the heavy sky
Signals a sign of change. 
Warmth descends to valley floor; 
All nature held in the spell of rain. 

Breathe deep.

Droplets jewel from the fronds of ferns;
Earthy smell from moss and stone 
Heightens senses in this place; 
The knowledge of being quite alone.

Breathe deep.

In this world of darkened state
Of hidden boughs laid low
Musk of fox, rank smell of decay 
Spires of foxglove bright pink aglow. 

Breathe deep.

The tremoring call of the lark, 
A bird which  cannot be seen 
So high it flies above; 
The silhouette of the hare
On sodden field of green. 

Breathe deep. 

All nature seems awakened
The shower  for  now  has passed.  
Swallows skim close to the ground
Refreshment , nourishment
Elixir of life is found. 

Breathe deep. 

Ruth Partridge  

2 thoughts on “After Rain

  1. This is absolutely incredible. The scene you have painted makes me long to go outside (if only it weren’t boiling out there today!)
    And when it said breathe deep, I did. Definitely subscribing

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