Sunny Days in the Garden

Starting early is key to getting as much done before the strength of the sun. Watering the cold frame is a must and all the pots. Yesterday, broad beans had yellowed and I thought over night what to do. I had dug compost in over winter, used general purpose fertiliser before planting. Broad bean- normally easiest by far- rarely require any attention until pinching out on arrival of black fly . What could be the problem ? Water or being eaten from the base or mineral deficiency.

Best solution with what I have to hand: spread some wood ash ( have no potash feed ) add some fish blood and bone, water in and mulch with rich compost from the heap. Hey presto – three hours on they are green.

While quietly planting out sugar snap peas, I was vaguely aware of a rustling and saw quite a few beetles scurry . Lo and behold a mole was beside my right hand!

The garden always has surprises to hand and I have to remember that I am sharing the space with all the wildlife that it supports even though I moan at mole hills ( but use their sandy soil) detest rats which seek to undermine the runner bean trench and have uprooted the leeks and get irritated by the sparrows which bath in the bird seed sending it showering to the ground and down carefully positioned holes or straight to the hens.

But we love the bird song ( not the rooks ). The wood pigeon (T two cows Taffy) the collared dove (T Two T) the wren ( t tweet trrr t t tweet ) the thrush and black bird and the goldfinches . On days like today we await the arrival of the buzzards . They are so distinctive in their call.

Nesting in the garden or nearby we have these: nuthatch, blackbirds , Robin , chaffinch , greenfinch , bluetit , dunnocks , sparrows, goldfinch , wood pigeon, collared dove , rooks , blackbirds , wrens, robins and coal tit.


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