Running the slow lane

21st July

Short run training tonight 1km x5 working on flow and balance.

Sky Runner by Emilie Forsberg is such an inspiring read. She runs because she loves it and runs to live.

Run often, Run far,Run short,Run fast,Run slow
But never run away from the joy of running.

So tonight I met more in the lane than ever: two tractors, two vans, one car, one horse, one runner, one walker.

The highlight was that the fields have just been cut and the gates left open. I decided to run the one which has a flat part to the top. That was good for pace. Then the long sweep to the bottom was fast and then the run along the bottom which is bordered by the trees in the valley. I’d seen the hare, so I knew he’d be there . But I was in for a treat – his partner and four half grown leverets.

Just like Emilie – there is joy in running.

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