Star-gazing on Dartmoor

Determined to get a good view of comet Neowise before cloud returns later this week, we headed to the moors shortly after midnight. With biscuits and flasks of coffee , it felt like a min- adventure.

It was a total surprise to see so many Campervans parked up – everyone in staycation I guess. Anyway we duly parked in a small car park above Hexworthy. The same light pollution though that we get at home, though the sky was bigger. The comet last night was more faint than the night before – though the tail is long – and there was a fringe of light cloud near the skyline in the NorthWest.

It was fun all the same: we saw a few meteors, satellites and of course Jupiter and Saturn are bright side by side in the South. The Perseid meteor shower is not yet at its peak, so we shall venture out again another night when the skies are clear.

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