The Keepers

Think of these as keepers,Closed ranksOn hidden secretsForm connotations of mystic meaningThreaded through time. The world withoutDark mystery withinWaiting;Questions surround;Clear purpose inside.What covert unionMaintains the recumbent secretUnscripted in ancient rocksFrom Welsh Pressili hills?Behemothic bluestoneHewn a hundred miles awayWith Neolithic tools-Rome wasn’t built in a day Or Pyramids by the Nile;Which age considered primitive?The stones won’tContinue reading “The Keepers”

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

The Heel stone marks the rise The crown of the year The sun in its meridianHeld momentarily clear;Statistically recordedLongest day of light Waning days till YuleBale fires alight.Mystic ritual performed, Ancient Norse procession,The light of Earth’s existence,Mysteries of succession.The sun reaches its zenith Upon these ancient stones;Our planet in quiet alignment In beauty is honed;ConnectsContinue reading “Summer Solstice at Stonehenge”