Life’s Juxtaposition of Composition

Pleased that this poem was selected by the Ekphrastic Review for Sophie Tuaeber ARP. Life’s juxtaposition,A lack of alignmentSometimes we move in concentric circles Following circadian rhythm,Or randomly staking position;Do we strive to find common groundSecurity in similarity Or defined by individuality?Free radicles are we who find our way Through choice;I trace the rainbow throughContinue reading “Life’s Juxtaposition of Composition”

My Foot in Theirs

Orginally written for the Earle Richardson Ekphrastic Review Writing Challenge: My Foot in Theirs Could these be footprints long hardened in rock ? I wondered as I stepped on the mound; The lives once defined in the sand- coloured clay, Hard spent under the glare of the sun. I closed my eye to imagineContinue reading “My Foot in Theirs”