When we are lost

Reason- there is no reason
We cannot comprehend;
Where there was certainty
There lies a gaping hole-
An emptiness too big to fill;
Reason - there is no reason-
We want to shout it out.
We cry without sound.
It’s too big,
Our voice too small.
Questions, but no answers
Drift on the breath
Of silence;
But listen-
On the wings of the dove
Peace descends,
In a still small voice
That fills the space;
We are held
When we are falling
By threads so fine
The strands that tie,
That hold us fast
Where we belong;
Connect us to those who love us still;
Beyond the mists of time,
We trace the stars across the sky,
The clouds that part,
The light that shines,
And find our way
That guides us home.

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