Coity Mawr

Descending down from lofty  mountain grandeur 
Below the stark outline of the Dramatic ridge
A verdant valley
Softened still by signs of Spring
Unfurling leaves and the
Plaintive call of lambs
Flanked with green growth in
Poignant urgency
Beneath which
A slower pace is found;
The Woodland Secrets of
Anemone and violets
Moss covered walls glistening with Beads of water
And creep
Through steep woodland banks
Cloaked in ivy ;
As ancient tracks wind their way
Down in timeless fashion,
A secret drive where all is still
Hugs the valley side
Hidden from all,
but those who know,
Those gates of
Coity Mawr
She sits in quiet regal elegance
A time- worn precious jewel.

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