Beneath my hand a distorted energy 
A flickering page
Electrical disharmony
Overload and charged
Flickering screen
Pulsating lines
Distorted rhythm
A heart trace uneven
The whir of a hidden force field
Blurred edged
Blank screen
Dissonance radiates like a crawling mist
Enveloping substance
Hidden forces
Overhead cables play tunes above
Static tension below
Pulsating noise
Chaotic motion
Babbling voices
Blank screens
Without charge
Without patience
Buttons pressed with frantic motion
Random commands
No time to wait
All time to lose
Head spin
Pressure mounts
No backup
Fear and adrenelin
Neurons fire sparks
To random
Distorted ideas and
Unrealistic expectations
Irrational thoughts seep through the cortex
Cancerous in motive they seek to destroy
Caustic and marauding
A spiral of disillusionment
Hopelessness resonates
In spirals.

Reverse the spin.

Regain control
Change gear and
Change thought with a
Different energy
Head up
Run though the rain
Under the pylons
A different electricity in the
Soughing of trees
The sting of the rain and lick of the hair
The force of the wind full in the face
The splash of the heel
The rhythm of pace
Shout into the air
Release it aloud
Into the void
Nobody hears
Somebody hears
We are heard
We are known
Wonderfully so-
Free radicles
Connected but free.

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