Persistence of Memory

Time stops for nobody
We can tell the time at a glance Even upside down
Though not always in the mirror.
Two years past
An upturned watch face
Confronted me from my childhood jewellery box
I could not recollect it being mine
It was almost discarded
Still the gold glinted and worth a look
I turned it over
The box was clearly labelled
It was mine
How long have these faces been the same – time stuck – a memory ?
How long had this watch lain face down ?
Persistence in memory ?
I could not say
26 years at least since my mother could have put it there.
In my box
For me to find
I stare at the face
Try to ascertain when the time was last real.
To know the story
Resisting the urge to wind it on
I gaze at the champagne dial
I note the maker
Google does the rest.
Not Mum’s -her Father’s
Look again at how persistent the time is set
The urge to wind it is too great
I cannot resist
I turn the hands
In fluidity
I hear the tick watching them move Into the 21st century with Persistence drawn from the age of perfect movement .
It will look good on my wrist I note Trends favour the large dial
And cleaned, repaired so it does
From my grandfather to me
Persistence of memory.

One thought on “Persistence of Memory

  1. Amazing how watches can evoke times gone by – I’ve still got a pretty little watch my dad bought my mum in the 30s , and my first good watch he bought me when I was 17 (I’m 75 now!)

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