There is Music

Poised and waiting the walls creak
Squeezed by the cold
The silence thickens
With anticipation.

Cutting the void
Pierces a hollow faltering sound,
A fragile line
Which grows like a flame,
Wicking its way to the barrelled heights,
Filling the space
Harmonic and melodious.
Where once there were many
Just two fill the quire.
Something stirs.

Are the walls awakened once again?
Where are the ghosts?
There is no where to hide.
There is music once more.

2 thoughts on “There is Music

  1. Thank you Ruth for that lovely poem . Our choir at our old Sidbury church had shrunk and diminished too in recent times, but since our new organist and choir leader took over we have been rejuvenated! We’ve grown in number and we made a lovely sound at our Carol service last night – I even managed to sing the solo verse of Once in Royal David’s City to start it off without too many wobbles!
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year.


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