Guinea Fowl

They arrived last evening, 
Nonchalantly walking along the verge,
Bobbing red heads held high
Owning the road,
So passers by stopped and asked if they were ours-
A pair with
Quirky gait
And funny call (not the passers by)
Of ‘Chi Chi Chi,’
And ‘Come back here;’
I’ve never cared to look at
guinea fowl before-
They made me smile,
More suited to wide African Savannah plain not tarmac road,
And Devon rain,
Large and strident;
So different from my domestic fowl
They made no move to go
Except to be shooed away from
A passing car;
Later I went out to see-
Soft was their chatter
Back again,
High up in our trees;
Independent they seemed,
Confident these
Uninvited guests;
Strangely I don’t think they
Are suited to stay-
Perhaps they’ve moved on by now.

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