Poems in Print

I am excited to tell you that thanks to all your interest and support, I have delved into publishing and had the courage to proceed .

This has been my journey over the past year, discovering how to use language to describe what I see and think.

I have been the English lead at school for years, encouraging generations of children to love language and to write, without actually writing anything more than the models I do for them. For the first time I have practised what I preach!

With no option but to walk and run locally during Lockdown One, I started to observe more and learnt to relish being out in the open , alone with time to think. Words come to me as I am running. I started to write them down and then they became the focus of my blog ( and the running not as much ). I rethought the intentions of my website and have really enjoyed blogging. It has been a hugely exciting journey and I have been amazed at how my poetry has been received.

My thanks go to all who have encouraged me on the way, especially to author, Jane Dougherty who gave me such a lot of support and advice on how to self- publish and Sheena McCready who has encouraged, shared interests , walks and friendship on this journey .

So here is the link to purchasing my new book : Running in the Slow Lane

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