The Last Weeks

That day the sun didn’t shine 
A voice was not heard
One star left the sky
The tap didn’t flow
A cup was left standing
Clothes on the chair
Leaves dropped to the ground
Littered the floor
Crumpled and worn.
There was no wind;
Everything was still
Fields ploughed and ready
The year come full circle,
Poised and waiting
You were slipping away-
The clocks go back next week;
You wanted to know-
I shall shout it out.
I said and I did.

Today the sun did shine
Your voice was heard
One star joined the sky
The tap did flow
There is no cup standing
All clothes are put away
The leaves have been swept
Frost glistened on the lawn
Everything was white
The air was sharp
Beauty adorned
A world in waiting
You slipped away
The wind is in the North East
You would want to know
And I shall shout it out.

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